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Tell Hogan We Need Paid Sick Leave!   arrow

Health Working Families Act 2.1

The legislature has supported working families
by passing the Healthy Working Families Act.

Will Governor Hogan?

HB 1 passed the House and Senate in Annapolis. It requires an employer with more than
14 employees to provide 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours an employee works up to
a maximum of 5 days per year.

While State and higher education employees have sick leave, many contractual employees work side-by-side us and have no leave at all. Under this legislation, the state and higher education institutions will spend several million dollars to provide contractual employees
this bare minimum of leave. It is the right thing to do for contractual employees and employees across the state.

Health Working Families Act 3

Now, it’s Governor Hogan’s move.
We urge him to sign the Healthy Working Families Act without delay.

We ask that you urge Governor Hogan to sign HB1.
Phone calls and emails will show him how important this issue is.

Please act today!

Health Working Families Act 1


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