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Media Inquiries:

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If you are a member of the media working on a story, email your questions to media@afscmemd.org or call our communications office at 443.562.1118.

It’s helpful to let us know if you’re working on a deadline and which media outlet you represent.

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Press Releases:


Public Employees Call on Governor to Change Course
AFSCME Statement on DPSCS Missing Pay Rally
AFSCME Statement on Division of Corrections Officers (10-5-16)

Union Members Support Budget without Governor Hogan’s Sick Leave and Overtime Cuts
Gov. Hogan Cancels Negotiations for 3rd time. State Employees, “Stop Dragging Your Feet!”
AFSCME Statement on DPSCS Audit: Lack of Competitive Bids Are a Bad Deal for Taxpayers and State Employees
State employees to Governor Hogan: Maryland should be open for all our families ‐ not just business
Governor Larry Hogan Guilty of Misrepresenting AFSCME Contract
AFSCME and DPSCS reach agreement on department HR restructure with no layoffs

Hill Wins Pension Election
AFSCME Criticizes Supreme Court Move
Lawmakers Threaten To Withhold Vote On Budget
AFSCME Statement on Governor Hogan Inaugural Address
Hogan Has Not Ruled Out Furloughs
AFSCME Maryland Blasts UMES President
MD State Workers Ratify Contract
Firing of Warden Shearin
AFSCME – Statement: Death of SHA Employee Eddie Gilyard
AFSCME Statement on Correctional Officers
AFSCME Officers at NBCI,  Made Our Voices Heard
UMES: Takes 6 Months to Consider
AFSCME Statement on Indicted Correctional Officers
UMES: Takes 6 Months to Consider
Housekeepers at UMD Demand Dignity

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