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Parole & Probation Workers Demand Improved Safety   arrow

Safety for Workers is Our Top Priority

Improve Safety in our Offices
Employees from across the state working in the Division of Parole and Probation
met with management through our Labor Management Committee (LMC).
We demanded that the Division consider metal detectors and other enhanced
security measures to better screen clients entering the buildings where we work.

Pocket knives frequently get past security guards and are brought into meetings
with agents ‐ on at least one occasion a syringe was found by an agent after the
client went through security.  

Improve Safety in the Field
Some agents performing dangerous home visits for offenders have access to
bullet proof vests.  Manufacturers of vests are clear ‐ the vests deteriorate and
“expire” in effectiveness after 5 years. We demanded that the Division purchase
new bullet proof vests. The Division said that the vests were purchased by funds
provided through a one‐time grant.  

This is unacceptable. We demanded and management agreed
to ask for funding to replace bullet proof vests which have expired.

Attend our press conference to demand improved
staffing in the Division of Parole & Probation.

428 East Preston Street office,
Thursday, July 14th at noon.

Attend a meeting to improve staffing.



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