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No Layoffs Win for DOC HR Workers!


AFSCME Maryland Council 3 members and the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) reached an agreement on the restructuring of the department’s Human Resources Division which will no longer involve layoffs. Employees will be relocated to vacant positions within DPSCS.

“AFSCME members are pleased to reach a mutual understanding with Secretary Stephen T. Moyer which respects the service of and protects the jobs of these hard-working employees, while still allowing the department to reorganize human resources functions,”
– AFSCME Maryland Council 3, President Patrick Moran.

The original plan–to abolish 63 positions–could have resulted in as many as 26 people losing their jobs, as the department moves to establish human resource “hubs” in five locations. The new plan allows any displaced workers not only to remain in state service, but to actually remain within DPSCS. Under the new plan, employees affected by the reorganization will be placed in other DPSCS jobs, primarily within the Division of Correction or the Division of Parole and Probation.

As affected employees leave or retire, their positions will not be retained, resulting in cost savings for the department over time. The department will move ahead with its plan to reorganize into human resource hub operations in Baltimore, Cumberland, Hagerstown, Jessup, and Westover. These hubs will have three employees each, for a total of 15 employees, and it’s possible that some will be current Human Resources staff.

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