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MDOT Summer Staffing Meeting Recap

Today at Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters, members spoke out about staff shortages, working conditions, compensation, safety on the job and bullying – issues that are having a negative impact across the agency. Delegate Cory V. McCray, a member of the state legislature’s Environment and Transportation Committee, was invited by AFSCME and attended the meeting.

Here’s a run-down of our concerns and demands:

State Highway Administration

  • Employees are being mistreated, leading to staff turnover within the agency. Members called for an overhaul of the administration’s culture to improve morale.
  • Bullying by management is affecting morale and sends a clear message that bad behavior among leadership can be tolerated and in some instances, rewarded. This is unacceptable.
  • Members asked that the state uphold its requirement to adhere to the MOU and ensure employees are not written up for being a minute late for shifts.
  • Management agreed to work with AFSCME members to figure out ways to
    change the culture at SHA.

Maryland Transportation Authority

  • Inspections without the protection of armed officers puts workers at risk. Members asked for officers in sheds at all times to ensure safety.
  • Toll collection staff are in harm’s way due to a lack of speed enforcement.
  • Compensation increases are not in line with other agencies, making it harder
    to recruit and retain employees.
  • Members expressed their concern about the lack of appropriate uniforms for toll collectors.

Motor Vehicle Administration

  • As temperatures rise in the summer, multiple offices are without proper cooling system. We’re working on a new weather policy that outlines workers’ rights when office conditions are unsuitable, as experienced at White Oak and other MVA branches.
  • Cumberland staff only have three bathrooms for a staff of more than 115 people. Members demanded that the agency provide additional restroom facilities for staff.

Maryland Aviation Administration

  • Members demanded that the agency hold an LMC every other month. MAA said it would hold
    its first LMC in August.
  • The union demanded that the agency adhere to the leave policy. MAA said it would follow up
    with mangers to ensure the policy is being followed.


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