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Know Your Sick Leave Rights

Know Your Rights About Calling in Sick

  1. You must call your supervisor or whoever your agency has designated at the time your agency has said to call, unless you cannot. Your job can require you to call a maximum of one additional number if your supervisor is not available, you will not be required to call back, although you may be required to leave a message. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP CALLING UNTIL YOU REACH SOMEONE.
  2. If asked for more information on why you are out sick, you should stick to saying either you or a family member is ill or has a doctor’s appointment , and if it is part of your existing FMLA or chronic condition. You do not have to say what your symptoms are or appointment is for. You should give a tentative return date.
  3. If you are told to bring in a doctor’s note and you are not currently on a certification requirement, you should state you are not on a certification requirement. Unless you are on a certification requirement, you do not have to bring in a note from a doctor unless you are gone for five or more consecutive days. If you do bring in a note, it won’t count as an undocumented occurrence.



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