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Baltimore – On November 17th, over 60 AFSCME members and public safety employees
rallied outside Secretary Stephen T. Moyer’s office in Towson to address the issues with the
recent Workday payroll system.


Since the roll-out of the Workday payroll system, many employees have been missing
overtime hours on their checks as well as regular hours they have worked.

This is unacceptable.

Reporting to ABC 2 News, Gary McLhinny, Director of Professional Standard, stated
“Going forward we’re going to work the glitches out,” and that of the 10,000 DPSCS
employees, only 86 came forward with pay issues. -Source

This information is incorrect.

In fact, hundreds of DPSCS employees have reported issues with their paychecks and
overtime hours, but only 86 employees have received checks due to their hours being short.
AFSCME will continue to fight until all employees have received the money they’ve worked
for and the issues with Workday are resolved.

1.) If an employee has a payroll issue, send an email
with the employee’s first and last name, employee number
(W number), location and description of issue to
Finance at

2.) If an employee has a Workday issue
(i.e. cannot log in, has difficulty/problems
entering hours or receives an error messages), please
contact the Human Resources Hotline at 410-585-3560​.​

3.) If your pay or hours are incorrect, you can
also CLICK HERE to fill out a form so we can
track the problems and work towards getting
everyone the money they have worked hard for.




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