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DJS Workers Demand Safety!

DJS LMC July Update


AFSCME DJS members Demand Safe Staffing, Equipment & Fair Pay

Med‐Tech Pay Increase Coming Soon
The Med‐Tech step increase AFSCME members won was not on the last paycheck.
The Agency stated that the Department of Budget and Management does not allow
more than one step increase to be processed in payroll at the same time. The Med‐Tech
pay increase will be paid retroactively after the July statewide step increase is fully
processed for impacted employees.

Acting Shift Commanders Deserve Pay & Training for Extra Responsibility
At camps many workers are serving as shift commanders and performing work that is above our pay grades but we are not compensated for it and are not trained for the responsibilities. (A five day training is required to be a supervisor). This happens frequently and AFSCME wishes to come to a broad agreement with DJS which fixes these problems rather than filing a large number of grievances. We need to deal with lead worker pay or PREA violations will ensue when workers begin to refuse to work as a shift commander.

We Demanded Protective Vests for Transportation Officers
Transportation staff do not have stab proof/bullet proof vests. Staff picked up a youth
from a community placement and discovered the youth had a gun. Another found a knife.
AFSCME demanded safety equipment. DJS agreed to discuss it with the Secretary for possible approval.



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