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DHMH Members Testify on Issues

AFSCME Maryland represents over 1,900 employees in State Hospitals.

For several years, DHMH employees have experienced issues that need to be acknowledged and solved.
For example, there are uneven pay scales that leave employees taking home less money for doing the same jobs as other employees. Also, short staffing has led to an increase in violent incidences and safety concerns. Both the safety and pay issues have left DHMH unable to recruit and retain employees.

Several of our members went to testify the seriousness of these issues in front of the Senate & House Committees on February 23rd and 24th. When we speak directly to legislators about the problems we
face in our workplace, they put a face to the issue and are more motivated to listen and help.

Listen to their testimonies below!

Thank you to the following members for taking the time to testify:

Lisa McKinney – LPN – Clifton T. Perkins Hospital – Local 557
Moe Said – Direct Care Assistant – Springfield Hospital – Local 539 President
Stephanie Daniels – Security Attendant III SGT – Perkins Hospital – Local 557
Stephanie Reid – Social Worker II – Perkins Hospital – Local 557
Tracy Hundartmark – DCT – Springfield Hospital – Local 539
Vicky Forti – LPN III – Eastern Shore Hospital Center – Local 770



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