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Department of Budget and Management

Salary Guideline and Procedure

Correctional Officer Finder’s Fee

Effective October 1, 2016


There will a Finder’s Fee Bonus available to enhance the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services’ (DPSCS) efforts in the hiring of new, qualified Correctional Officer I and Il employees to fill vacancies in non-temporary positions.


Funding for the correctional officer Finder’s Fee bonus must be paid from current appropriations. No additional funds have been budgeted for this purpose.


The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services is expected to maintain adequate records for all bonuses paid. Records of bonuses paid shall include documentation of the recruitment process including any advertisement for the position, the eligible list coded for the selection, and other information used in making the decision to award a bonus. Department records will be subject to audit by the Department of Budget and Management.

Finder’s Fee Bonus:

Scope: Any active, non-temporary DPSCS State employee who refers and recommends a qualified correctional officer employee who is hired by the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services may earn the Finder’s Fee bonus. The applicant will identify the DPSCS employee who referred them on the supplement question which is part of the on-line application in Job Apps.

A qualified Correctional Officer employee is:

I. A new appointment into a permanent PIN: or

2. A reinstatement into a permanent PIN with at least 6 month separation from State Service;

3. in the classification of Correctional Officer I or Correctional Officer ll.

The Finder’s Fee bonus does not apply to:

1. Any DPSCS employee in the Executive Pay Plan;

2. Commissioner of Correction, Commissioner of Pretrial Detention and Services, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Wardens, Assistant Wardens, Security Chiefs, Facility Administrators, Director Of Patuxent, any Program Director, Manager, Supervisor who reports to the Director of Patuxent Institution and any Human Resources professional and para professional staff who are involved in the recruiting, scheduling, testing or screening of correctional officer applicants; or

3. a temporary (contractual or emergency) employee.

Amount of the Bonus: The Finder’s Fee bonus is $500 per recruitment.

Payment of the Bonus: The finder’s fee bonus shall be paid in one lump sum to the DPSCS permanent employee for their recruit when the new employee completes the first year of satisfactory State service as evidenced by a completed performance evaluation (PEP). The Finder’s fee bonus will only be paid to DPSCS employees who are in an active employment status with DPSCS at the time the payment is due. If the DPSCS employee transfers to a different department or independent State agency or leaves State service before payment of the finder’s fee bonus is due, the finder’s fee bonus is forfeited.

Note: The finder’s fee bonus will affect the regular rate of pay for the purposes of calculating overtime for FLSA non-exempt employees during the one year period over which the bonus is paid. A new hourly rate must be calculated to include the full amount of the bonus. The difference between the recalculated rate and the normal base rate must be applied to any overtime worked during the 12 month period preceding payment of the lump sum payment.

Payroll Procedures:

1. The Correctional Officer Bonus form shall be completed and signed by the Executive Director of the Human Resources Services Division or designee.

2. Payment of the bonus shall be submitted by HRSD staff in workday and approved by fiscal officers in workday.

3. The original Correctional Officer Bonus form shall be submitted and uploaded into workday.

A sample form is linked below.


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