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Dept. of Health Secretary “Not Prepared” for Staffing Crisis Meeting

Department of Health Secretary “Not Prepared” for Staffing Crisis Meeting with AFSCME The state’s response today was non-committal when asked if the agency would work with Department of Health AFSCME members to implement changes that would retain employees, protect staff and improve patient care. Department of Health Secretary Dennis Schrader said, “Uh huh,” but offered […]

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MDOT Summer Staffing Meeting Recap

MDOT Summer Staffing Meeting Recap Today at Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters, members spoke out about staff shortages, working conditions, compensation, safety on the job and bullying – issues that are having a negative impact across the agency. Delegate Cory V. McCray, a member of the state legislature’s Environment and Transportation Committee, was invited by […]

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DPSCS Summer 2017 Staffing Meeting

Thursday in Baltimore, AFSCME public safety members met with state administrators to discuss the staffing crisis in DPSCS. Their message was simple: Increase officer and agent pay. This will help draw in new, high-quality recruits and retain experienced COs. Redouble its efforts to recruit and retain new officers/agents and retain current officers/agents. Conduct the legislatively […]

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DJS Staffing Meeting – Summer 2017

DJS Staffing Meeting – Summer 2017 It’s that time of year again – annual staffing meetings. From subpar equipment, to insufficient training and staffing levels, AFSCME members are calling out Governor Hogan and state administrators, demanding that they take the concerns of state workers seriously. With staffing at crisis levels across various agencies and departments, […]

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MDOT: No More Harassment!

MDOT: No More Harassment In Our Workplaces! MDOT Employees: Last fall, members of AFSCME and AFT worked with the Department of Budget and Management to strengthen the definition of workplace bullying and develop a policy to better train supervisors on the subject and improve the complaint process. As of January 1, 2017, the policy went […]

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