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BUDGET WARRIOR UPDATE Vol 1 – 10.29.15   arrow


AFSCME Budget Warriors,

What Budget Warriors Do
As Budget Warriors we fight back to protect our ourselves,
our communities and the vital public services we provide.

We urge our co-workers to join us to stop reckless,
across-the-board budget cuts in our worksites by signing up
co-workers who are not members, asking our co-workers to join us
at events about the state’s budget and distributing information/petitions –
we do this in face-to-face conversations, sending email and using social media.

Here are two things we need to know/communicate to co-workers now:

1) Budget & Wellness Negotiations Continue
At our last bargaining session on Wednesday, 10/21, AFSCME members made
three proposals to fix problems with the State of Maryland’s wellness program:

  • Delay implementing the state’s wellness program by 12 months
  • Form a Labor/Management Communications
    and Performance Review Committee
  • Requested that by November 1, 2015 the state will provide a clear explanation about the rules of the state’s wellness program through 2018

At our first bargaining session on Wednesday, 10/7, AFSCME members
made four proposals to improve pay and staffing:

  • $1,200 raise for all workers in bargaining units AFSCME represents (A,B,C.,D.F & H) effective 1.1.16.
  • A step increase
  • 1% reduction in private contracts – use the savings to fill much needed bargaining unit positions.
  • Fix the Leap Year pay issue to add one full day of pay in Leap Years.

2) Get ready to mobilize – THU 11/12
“Open for Families” statewide actions

  • On Thursday November 12th, AFSCME members will hold actions across the state in Baltimore, Cumberland, Hagerstown, Hyattsville and Salisbury
    to say Maryland should be “open for families” not just “open for business”.
    We will demand fair treatment on the job and fair pay for our hard-working families and for the resources we need to continue to provide good services to all Maryland families. 
    RSVP for one of our “Open for Families” rallies and commit to tell three co-workers to join us online here.

In Solidarity,

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Patrick Moran

AFSCME Maryland Council 3


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