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AFSCME Wins Wellness Plan Changes!   arrow


AFSCME members won changes to the State of Maryland’s new
wellness plan which will save state employees money in 2016 and 2017.

60 AFSCME members from all agencies across the state worked through our
elected bargaining committee and convinced the state to eliminate all financial
penalties in 2016 and 2017 associated with their new wellness plan.

  • No one will pay the state’s $50 surcharge to begin in April 2016.
  • No one will pay the surcharge in 2017.
  • All workers who completed the “2015 healthy activities” by 12/31/15
    will have $0 co-pays for all Primary Care Provider office and sick visits.
  • All workers who did not complete the 2015 healthy activities may complete
    them in 2016 and begin enjoying $0 co-pays.

We also improved the state’s required “healthy activities” for 2016:

1) We must still select a Primary Care Physician and complete a “health risk assessment”.
2) The Physician form has now been updated so our doctor may sign, indicating
they saw the results of our assessment.

3) Age/gender screenings are voluntary/NOT MANDATORY.
4) Participation in disease management is voluntary/NOT MANDATORY.

If you are wrongly charged the state’s $50 surcharge beginning
in April 2016 please
contact AFSCME immediately.


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